The thing that the Legendairy Milk Imani and Momcozy breast pumps have in common is their size… With detachable motors on top, you definitely need a bra that can provide additional support! If you are looking for the best pumping bra to go with one of these two pumps, check out our recommendations below!

The Riley

Riley lace pumping bra

The Riley lace pumping bralette is the top choice for the best pumping bra with these two pumps for a few reasons.

First of all, it features a bralette style length, longer than standard bras, allowing you to have more coverage to hold a larger breast pump. On top of that, the adjustable straps provide much-needed support!

In addition, both the Legendairy Milk Imani and Momcozy M5 breast pumps must be positioned firmly against your chest. That’s where the Riley comes in handy! This bra was made for collection cups, wearable pumps and flanges, meaning that it provides the necessary support to keep your pump in the position that it needs to be. It feels like the perfect everyday bralette, with the right adjustments for pumping! Check it out in action here!


While the classic black color is a great option for every mom, this is the new Cream color that just launched! Shop the black cross back version here!

The Amelia

The Amelia pumping and nursing cami is the bra that all breastfeeding moms should have because it can work for just about anything! However, it also makes our list of the best pumping bra choices because of how supportive it is with these two pumps. 

This bra has an inside layer that keeps breast pumps like the Imani I2 from slipping down. On top of that, you can pull down the top compression layer to add a second layer of support for a secure hold! Much needed for larger wearable pumps like the Imani I2 and Mom Cozy M5! Check out the Amelia out in action to see how it works together!

The Amelia comes in ten different colors, including the limited edition Sunflower Yellow

The Sophie

The next best pumping bra on our list is the Sophie. This is the newest bra from Davin and Adley, and it was created with wearable breast pumps in mind. Specifically engineered with triangular pockets, this bra keeps your pump in place without slipping!

In addition to the structure of the bra itself, another reason this is one of the best pumping bra options is because it has a magnetic clip-down strap. This makes it easy to insert and position the pump. Then, you can clip it back up for an extra layer of support! You can see just how well this bra works with the Legendairy Milk Imani pump in this reel.

Choosing the Best Pumping Bra for Your Pump

Having a high-quality bra to go with your pump can make all the difference in your pumping experience. Especially when it comes to the Imani and Momcozy pumps, you’ll want a bra that can keep everything secure so you don’t have to worry about your pump moving while you’re getting things done. Do you have a different pump? Make sure to check out the best pumping bras for the Pumpables pump and the Elvie pump on the blog!

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