The Pros and Cons of Pumping Milk Collection Options

If you’re a new mom or mom-to-be, you already have tons to think about. I know when I started breastfeeding, I was so overwhelmed and I welcomed any tips and advice—and that is my goal today. There are so many options out there to help you with pumping milk collection during this postpartum period, so let’s break down some of these options so you can make the best decision for you and your baby!

Traditional Pumping Flanges

When it comes to their pumping milk collection, some moms opt to go with traditional flanges. These are the typical pieces that come with a normal pump and generally require you to be less covered up and mobile while pumping. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't a great option for breastfeeding mamas (or can't be hands-free with a quality pumping bra!). There are so many pros to this breastfeeding milk collector option. For example, there are tons of different flange styles and sizes to choose from! It is much easier to find a flange for pumping milk collection that fits your individual needs. On top of that, some moms find that they produce more milk when using the flanges vs collection cups. Plus, since they generally already come with your pump, they are also a cheaper option compared to others.


As for cons, using traditional flanges means you won't have the flexibility to pump on the go. Flanges are attached to bottles that just won't fit inside a pumping bra. This means that you may want to find a more private place to pump. While this is much-needed quiet time for some moms, other moms may feel like they always have to hide while pumping.

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Breast Milk Collection Cups

If you’re a multitasking mama (aren’t we all?) then you may want to consider using a breast milk collector that is hands-free! You may have heard of the Legendairy Milk collection cups, Spectra Caracups, or the Freemie collection cups… in fact, our initial design of pumping bras was made using the Freemie (but don't worry, our bras work with any standard collection cups). This pumping milk collection option makes doing everyday tasks easy because you can simply enclose the cups in your pumping bra while you are making dinner, driving, or at work! It’s also great if you have a curious baby who would grab onto your pump parts during a session or if you need to pump in public frequently.

However, there are some cons to this breastfeeding milk collector. Unlike a mobile pump, you will still have to connect the collection cups to a normal pump. Some moms have also seen a small drop in their supply. They also tend to be a pricer option when it comes to pumping milk collection.

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Mobile Pumping Milk Collection Options

If you like the idea of collection cups but don't want to attach a separate pump, mobile pumps like the Willow, Elvie, or Momcozy may be just what you're looking for! This hands-free milk collector is a pump and collection cup all in one, and the whole unit can fit right inside your pumping bra! Any of our bra options will work for whichever pumping milk collection option you choose!

Which Pumping Milk Collection Option Will You Choose?

When it comes to my personal choice between flanges, collection cups and mobile breastpumps, I select my Motif Breast Pump with Lacteck silicone flanges as my primary breast pump, when I don’t mind being plugged into the wall. My secondary portable option is the Legendairy Milk collection cups with the Pumpables Genie Advanced rechargable Breast Pump. For my most discreet option when I want to sneak in a pump session in public would be the Elvie mobile breast Pump. 


No matter your choice, you can definitely find a pumping option perfect for you! And once you decide on how you will pump, let Davin & Adley help make your pumping experience a comfortable one. 

My Riley Maternity, Nursing, & Pumping Bralette was designed to fit collection cups, traditional flanges, and even mobile pumps so you can make the best decision for yourself and not have to miss out on a quality nursing bra!

Are you a breastfeeding mama who cannot quite find the perfect bra? Be sure to check out  Davin and Adley– we have a bra for every lifestyle. Loving these breastfeeding and postpartum tips and want more? If you can’t wait to hear more about breastfeeding, as well as information about our line of products for new mamas, make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss information on our maternity, pumping, and nursing products!

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