Whether you exclusively pump or only while away from your child, the Elvie pump is an amazing choice for a wearable breast pump. But no set-up is complete without an amazing pumping bra! Read on to find out which bra has been voted the best bra for Elvie pump! 

The Best-Selling Hands-Free Pumping Bra Is…

If you have been trying to find the best bras for pumping, you need to check out our Amelia pumping cami. In fact, it has been voted the best bra to wear with an Elvie Pump! 

For starters, this bra is lightly lined and doesn’t have any padding, making it ideal for a wearable breast pump like the Elvie. Also, it has one-handed front strap adjusters so you can easily find the perfect fit.

To top it all off, this bra is cute and comfortable, no matter if you are still pregnant, nursing, or pumping! This is the ultimate option for postpartum comfort and will make pumping with an Elvie a breeze               

Why Choose an Elvie Pump?

Wearable breast pumps are great options for moms who need to pump on the go. Whether you are looking for a way to discreetly pump during work or need to pump while out and about, mobile breast pumps make this task easy!

The Elvie is silent, discreet, and easy to use. Although they are designed to be worn with a standard nursing bra, there are a few catches:

  1. The pump needs to be pressed firmly against your breast (no gaps!)
  2. Inflexible bras may need a bra adjuster

That’s where the Amelia pumping cami comes in… There’s a reason it was voted the best! This is the best pumping bra for Elvie because it is a fitted style to ensure a good connection and it is completely flexible! That means you don’t have to go out and buy additional parts to make a standard bra work.The front strap sliders lengthen the bra straps so you can add in the pump and adjust the tension for support. The fabric is a high performance jersey, allowing for the right amount of expansion to grow with your changing breast tissue and fit your Elvie pump. 

To top it all off, the Amelia cami is not just for pumping… it can be used for any type or combination of breastfeeding you choose. Whether you are using it with a mobile pump like the Elvie, a standard pump with flanges, milk catchers, or to nurse at the breast, this bra can do it all!

Best bra for elvie

Pumping/Nursing Scrubs shown here with the Petal Pink Amelia Cami are from Boose Brand!

Even More Options to Choose From

If the Amelia Cami isn’t your style, we also have many other options to choose from that are amazing pumping bras. 

For example, the Logan Maternity and Nursing Bralette is a great alternative to the Amelia because it is still compatible with wearable breast pumps and is a great lounge or activewear bralette option.

Or, if you are looking for a stylish swimsuit option that is pumping-friendly, we just released our Amelia Pumping and Nursing Swim Cami! If you are really trying to maximize your wearable pump with summer coming up, this is hands-down the best swimsuit to wear. It makes it easy to pump and nurse while relaxing by the pool! This swim cami includes all the features of our top-rated Amelia pumping cami but has the added benefit of being swim-friendly. Or, you can use it as lounge or fitness wear!

The Best Bra For Elvie (or really, any wearable pump)

When it comes to pumping, quality really is necessary. That’s why choosing the best pump and the best pumping bra are necessary! The right fit can make your life so much easier as you try to balance working, traveling, or taking care of your baby. By getting the best bra for Elvie pump, you can save yourself from all the hassle of lesser pumping bra options!

Go grab the Amelia pumping cami and see why it was voted the best bra for Elvie pump! And make sure you subscribe to the blog for more breastfeeding tips.

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