Using the Spectra pump but can’t quite find the perfect-fitting bra to go with it? As you probably know by now, finding a pumping bra that is comfortable and functional is key to your breastfeeding experience! Read on to find out what our choice is for the best pumping bra for spectra!

What Makes the Spectra Pump Different?

amelia pumping cami and spectra breast pump flanges

One thing that you have to figure out when looking for the best pumping bra for Spectra is how to manage what makes it different from other pumps.

For example, The Spectra Pump has a one-piece flange, making it unique from other pumping setups. Because of this, you need a bra with a wide enough opening to place the entire flange in without it being too much of a hassle! 

Luckily, we have two great breastfeeding bra options that allow you to do exactly that! 

The Amelia

amelia pumping crop cami bra in lavender with spectra flanges

Our first choice for the best pumping bra for Spectra is the Amelia! There are 3 great options for this bra: the classic Amelia Pumping and Nursing Crop Camithe Amelia Compression Tank and the Ribbed Amelia Crop Cami

All 3 styles include a functional, overlapped slit that allows you to easily slide the flange in. Then, for some added compression, you can easily pull the top layer down to secure everything into place! This ensures that your flanges stay in place throughout the entire pumping session and you don’t have to worry about anything slipping or having to hold the flanges while you pump!

amelia pumping and nursing crop cami in petal pink with spectra breast pump

So what makes these three styles different? Although the basic functionality is the same, there are some important differences between the best pumping bra for spectra! The Pumping and Nursing Crop Cami comes in 10 unique colors and can be found in sizes small to 3X. It is a pumping crop top length pumping bra compared to the full length pumping tank top.

The Rib Pumping Crop Top is similar to the original Amelia Cami, but it has rib fabric all around front and back and is more athletic styling with racerback straps. The Rib Amelia Cami is the perfect Pumping Swimsuit top as well for travel and summertime at the beach! 

The Amelia Compression Tank is a full-length pumping tank top that provides compression through your entire midsection! It is a great option for busty moms as well, as you can find this pumping bra in sizes Small Busty through 2X Busty! This means that the bust size is one size fuller compared to the standard sizes in the Amelia Cami.

The Riley

Our second choice for the best pumping bra for Spectra is the Riley Pumping Bralette! This is a highly-supportive lace pumping bra with closure on the back, that also provides some extra coverage with its V shape mesh front design.

spectra breast pump, riley lace pumping bra in black

While you can also use this bra as a nursing bra with the one handed strap sliders, it is a great option for exclusive pumpers using the Spectra because it has enough room to place the one-piece flange or wearable breast pump and is supportive enough to hold them in place perfectly throughout your whole pumping session! Not to mention, its gorgeous lace design allows you to comfortably pump in public without feeling exposed. 

Riley pumping bra with spectra breast pump


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