Pumpables portable breast pumps are really hot on the market right now. However, their unique flanges can make it difficult to find a pumping bra that you can wear comfortably. If you are using a Pumpable’s breast pump and flanges, you need to know about the best pumping bras to use with it!

What Makes Pumpables Breast Pump Stand Out?

I have used Pumpables Genie Advanced breast pump for a while, and it is such a great option for pumping moms! It’s a portable option that is super easy to take on the go and has a clip or lanyard to make it as hands-free as possible. Additionally, they have a hospital-grade pump that is a bit larger but still a great option!

Pumpables is a fairly universal pump that makes it easy to connect other shield kits and bottles if you have ones from previous pumps. Pro tip: The Spectra wide mouth bottles fit perfectly on the Pumpable shields too!!


However, something that stands out about this pump is the larger flanges. The size of the flanges can make it difficult to easily fit into a typical pumping bra. Most pumping bras have a hole to insert your flanges and it is usually too small to work comfortably and easily with Pumpables liquid shield kit.You can see their pump and flanges in my Instagram here!

What Pumping Bra Should I Get For The Pumpables Pump?

Here are my top three choices for a pumping bra to use with the Pumpables breast pump:

1. Amelia

The Amelia Pumping and Nursing Crop Cami is my #1 choice if you have a Pumpables pump. One of the greatest features of this bra are the overlapping slits to hold your pumping flanges. Unlike typical pumping bras, the unique slits make it much easier to fit wider flanges. But even though there is a wider slit, this bra still allows you to get a secure hold on the flange, hands-free!

On top of that, the Amelia is perfect for moms who are combo-feeding. This bra doubles as a nursing cami as well so you can easily switch between pumping and nursing throughout the day!

Are you a busty mom? Then the busty Amelia tank could be the perfect fit! It has all of the same amazing features of the Amelia cami, but it comes in busty sizes for plus-size moms!

You can see how easy and hands-free this bra is with Pumpables breast pump in this reel!

2. Ella

The Ella is a multi-functional maternity, nursing, and pumping bra… with a special twist!

This bra fully clips down which is unique to the Davin and Adley brand. The magnetic closures make securing the bra super easy, especially one-handed! Because it fully clips down, you have plenty of space to get your flanges in the right position.This reel shows how to use the Ella with your pumpables breast pump!

3. Autumn

The Autumn bra is also a great option to use with Pumpables breast pump. This is a great, full-coverage option for moms who want a high-neck pumping bra option!

Once again, this is another great multi-use option for maternity, nursing, and pumping. What makes this bra stand out when using the Pumpables pump is that it can secure the flange from the top and bottom. This all-around hold makes it much easier to insert the flange and pump hands-free! Check out my Instagram reel here!

Which Bra Will You Choose?

Overall, the style of bra you choose for the Pumpables pump is up to you… But you can’t go wrong with one of these three pumping bras! Each of these bras has unique features that make pumping so much easier for moms.

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September 07, 2022

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