Planning ahead for your new baby is a lot of fun, but don’t forget to plan for yourself! Whether you plan on exclusively pumping, exclusively nursing, or a combination of the two, having a pumping and nursing bra is a necessity. Read on to find out why!

Finding a Functional Pumping and Nursing Bra

After having my first baby in 2016, I was completely thrown by how few options there were for breastfeeding apparel… Especially when it came to bras!

Not only were there very few options, but there were also very few functional options… and practically no options that allowed a mom to go between nursing and pumping if they wanted to.

I started Davin and Adley in the fall of 2019 to fix that. With a background in designing and creating intimate apparel, I knew that there was a better solution for breastfeeding moms, and one that allowed moms to go from pumping to nursing, use mobile pumps, or breastfeed in whatever way worked best for them… all without having to change clothes to do so!

What to Consider With a Pumping and Nursing Bra

When you’re ready to choose a combo pumping and nursing bra, there are a few things you should consider:

1. What type of pump do you plan on using?

There are bras out there specifically for flange pumps or wearable pumps. If you are someone who plans to pump on the go a lot but also pump at home, you want to make sure you have a bra that allows you to do both.

That’s why I love the Amelia Cami. This is basically a 3-in-1 bra because it allows you to nurse, use standard flanges, and wear mobile pumps! You don’t have to change bras if you decide a standard pumping flange isn’t going to fit your lifestyle, allowing you to have a breastfeeding journey that works however you need it to!

2. Will you be nursing, pumping, or a combination of the two?

There are also many breastfeeding bras that are specific to how you plan to breastfeed… But very few that allow you to both nurse and pump with the same bra!

Even if you aren’t planning on doing both, having a bra that can do it all is a great way to plan for the unexpected. The Amelia Cami is a great option for this, but we also have other bras like the Ella or Autumn so you can find a bra that fits your specific needs and style.

3. What size bra do you need?

As you go through your pregnancy, your breasts will change… but they will keep changing as you start your breastfeeding journey! You want a bra that will fit comfortably no matter where you are in your life… In fact, I know many moms who still wear their Davin and Adley bras after they are done breastfeeding!

The problem with many brands is they don’t offer the sizes moms need. Once again, this is where a Davin and Adley bra shines… we have sizes from small to 2X so you can find one that fits perfectly!

And if you aren’t sure which size to get, you can check out my Instagram or message me for help!

Why Do I Need a Combo Pumping and Nursing Bra?

Although we all have our dreams of exactly how our breastfeeding journey will go, we just never know what is going to happen…

For example, you might plan on exclusively nursing but end up switching to pumping due to a latching issue, struggle with supply, etc. Or, you might already be planning to go back to work after maternity leave and will need to pump, either exclusively or through combo feeding

It’s becoming much more popular to both pump and nurse, and having the freedom and flexibility to easily switch back and forth is important! Instead of buying a separate pumping bra to use during the day and switching into a nursing bra at night, why not get a bra that can do both?

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August 09, 2022

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