When you start looking for breastfeeding essentials, one thing that is sure to be on your list is a good bra! However, most of the options on the market are for exclusive pumping or exclusive nursing. Let’s talk about a pumping vs nursing bra and what your options are if you need one bra that can do both!

Pumping vs Nursing Bra: Functionality

Although the concept of using a pumping or nursing bra is the same (both allow you to easily breastfeed your baby), typically you will find some differences between the two. 

A bra that is for exclusive pumping will have some type of slit or layer to allow you to secure a flange to your breast. 

On the other hand, a nursing bra will normally fully expose the breast through clips (the most common option) to allow you to easily nurse your baby.

How to Use One Bra for Both Functions

One “hack” that you may have heard is that you can use a nursing bra as a pumping bra if needed! Essentially, you would use the inner straps to hold the flange in place while pumping.

However, this method honestly might not be the best! It doesn’t always work for moms and it may not provide the secure hold that you need to keep your flange in place! 

In the pumping vs nursing bra debate, it’s important to realize that not all bras are made equal. Not all nursing bras are created to be pumping bras and vice versa! So if you are planning to both pump and nurse, you need a solution that makes your life easier and doesn’t require you to switch bras each session!

Pumping vs Nursing Bra Solution

Instead of going with one or the other, you can get a bra that does both!

For example, the Amelia bra was initially designed as a pumping bra. It includes overlapping slits to easily place your flange and you can pull the top layer down to keep everything secure. However, we knew that there needed to be an option for moms who needed to nurse as well! That’s why the bra also comes with an easy, one-handed slider so you can simply pull the bra down from the top to nurse when needed! You can pick up this bra in the classic cami style or our new busty compression tank!

Another combo-feeding option is the Ella. This bra (which now comes in busty options as well!) is interchangeable so you can have a straight or cross-back style. It was originally made as a nursing bra, but has been adapted to use flanges or wearable pumps for pumping! What makes this bra unique is its pinch technology with lace. The lace design will grab the flanges/cups from one side so when the bra is clipped back together using our magnetic closures it holds everything in place!

And because not all moms use flanges for pumping, the Ella can be adaptable for nursing or pumping with flanges or collection cups

Pumping vs Nursing Bra: Which Will You Choose?

Instead of having to choose one option in the pumping vs nursing bra debate, why not find a bra that can do both? Either of these options would be the perfect upgrade to your breastfeeding experience and allow you to move from pumping to nursing with ease.

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January 19, 2023

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