The postpartum period for c-section mamas can be rough! That's why finding comfortable clothing (right down to your underwear!) is essential. If you are looking for the best c section underwear, read on to find out our recommendation!

The Struggle of Finding the Perfect Postpartum Underwear

After giving birth, there is a lot going on with your body… and having a c-section provides some additional struggles you'll have to find solutions for!

One of these is taking care of your c-section scar. This area tends to be super sensitive after giving birth and it can be hard to find clothing that doesn't irritate your skin! That's where finding the best c section underwear comes in handy! 

Before launching our line of the best c section underwear, there weren't many options for moms on their postpartum journey. Most new moms would look for high-waisted underwear options or size up in order to get a good fit. The typical "bikini" cut of most underwear tends to hit right on your c-section scar, making most options on the market super uncomfortable for new moms! 

However, sizing up and getting a "brief" cut still wouldn't do the trick. There are other things to consider postpartum, and having plenty of coverage is necessary!

Finding the Best C Section Underwear

This is where the features of our Mia Boxer Shorts postpartum underwear leave all other options in the dust. Our line of c-section-friendly underwear has a full cotton V shape lining that is breathable to prevent additional issues like infection during your recovery. They are non-absorbent, so you simply add the hospital pad inside the cotton lining and everything stays in place perfectly! In addition, they are made of a compression fabric to help provide some structure during your postpartum journey!

The Davin & Adley Mia Boxer also has a long-leg design to keep it from rolling up (unlike the annoying mesh underwear you get from the hospital). 

On top of all of that, this is the best c section underwear for new moms because it won't sit uncomfortably on your sensitive scar! This product was designed with the help of recovering c-section mamas to ensure that the rise was tall enough and comfortable enough for new moms.

In fact, new moms are already loving this underwear post-c-section. One new mom shared her experience using them after her C-section:

"I got the shorts for my second cesarean in hopes they would be better than mesh underwear. Well… they cannot even compare to mesh underwear. They are SO. MUCH. BETTER. They’re so so comfortable, they came way up over my scar and applied the perfect amount of compression. I wore the shorts and my Sophie bra and was so comfortable after my delivery. I felt like people could walk in my room and I wasn’t naked, my scar felt supported, and they were perfect for skin-to-skin. The material is so soft and stretchy but not see-through (which I appreciate). Additionally, I had a wound vac and the shorts helped keep my tubing in place comfortably."

Finally, this postpartum underwear option is great underneath your c-section belly binder so it won't rub against your skin either!

A Comfortable Postpartum Experience

At the end of the day, you should feel as comfortable as possible following your c-section! The Mia Boxer Shorts are the best c section underwear because they allow you to feel comfortable, supportive, and secure during your postpartum period. 

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February 08, 2023

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