With how easy they are to use, collection cups are very popular with moms who need to pump on the go or while multitasking. However, choosing the right bra is important: A collection cup needs to be secure, in the right position, and allow you to move around without worry. Because honestly, we just need one less thing to worry about! Here are the best pumping bras to wear if you are using collection cups.

Collection Cup-Friendly Bras

Whether you are planning to use a traditional pump paired with collection cups or want to go completely hands-free with a mobile pump, you need a collection cup solution that keeps everything in place. 

These cups provide a unique challenge when it comes to finding the right pumping bra. Because they are larger and take up more space than a typical flange, you need a bra that can keep the entire unit secure during your pumping session and stretch to fit.

This is where Davin and Adley bras stand out: they have many different options for pumping bras that can hold a collection cup with ease, yet still allow you to switch to normal flanges or nursing whenever you need to! 

The number one choice for many moms when it comes to collection cups is the Legendairy Milk brand, but a few other great options are the Freemie collection cups or Spectra Caracups. Whatever option you choose, each of the following bras would be a great choice!

The Amelia

There’s a reason that this bra has been voted the best bra to wear with a variety of pumps, flanges, and collection cups… It’s because it can seriously do it all!

The Amelia is the top choice for a collection cup friendly bra because it has a second inside liner to keep them secure. Once you get the cups into position, you can pull down the top layer for an extra-snug fit!

On top of that, this bra comes in seven different colors including a limited edition Sunflower Yellow!

The Sophie

The next choice if you will be using a collection cup when pumping is the Sophie. This is a brand new option from Davin and Adley that provides tons of support with collection cups! 

One of my favorite options is wearing the Sophie bra while using the Pumpables Pump and Legendairy Milk collection cups. This bra makes it easy to pump discreetly on the go!

The Logan

With its longer length and wide, supportive straps, the Logan is definitely one of the best pumping bras to wear when using a collection cup. If you plan to use a mobile pump and collection cups, you’ll definitely want to grab this one!

It also provides additional support to keep even the largest of mobile pumps secure. While this bra comes in a classic black color, you’ll definitely want to check out the brand new color that launched this month, Stone!!

Which Bra Should I Choose For Collection Cups?

Overall, choosing the best bra comes down to your personal preference and style… And while these three may be our top choices, you can easily use collection cups with all five of our bras! If you are currently using or plan to use collection cups when pumping, make sure you grab a bra that allows you to pump and nurse with ease, and has a ton of support!.

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October 11, 2022

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