One of the struggles busty moms run into when it comes to breastfeeding is finding a bra that not only fits… but fits well! Not only have we come out with an option for a nursing bra for large bust, but we’ve now done it twice! Read on to learn more about the newest addition to the Davin and Adley collection and how it is the perfect nursing bra for busty moms.

What Options Are There for a Nursing Bra for Large Bust?

We all know the struggle of trying to find a good bra without the additional need of it being a functional nursing bra. So now, as a nursing mom, you are probably wondering what your options are…

And the thing is, there really aren’t that many options out there to begin with! But for a nursing bra for large bust? Nearly impossible! This makes things even more difficult when you take into consideration the qualities you need in a nursing bra.

For example, Very Well Family explains the difficulties of breastfeeding when you have large breasts. They explain that one of the key things you can do to prevent any problems from coming up is to have a supportive breastfeeding bra while nursing.

So if you’re a new mom looking for high-quality breastfeeding bras, you’re in luck! Davin and Adley has not one but two options for busty moms on their breastfeeding journey with a little one.

Choosing the Right Davin and Adley Bra

You have a few options in our collection to choose from based on your breastfeeding preferences and needs.

For example, we recently released the Busty Amelia Tank. This is a full-length tank and pumping bra combo that provides compression through your midsection while also making pumping a breeze. This tank can work for those with a band size of up to 46 and about a K-cup, but it’s also possible to size it down to find the perfect fit!

Additionally, we have our classic Amelia Cami. Although this isn’t technically a “nursing bra for large bust”, it comes in sizes up to 3x and is a great combo pumping and nursing bra!

Last but certainly not least is our brand-new Busty Ella! While our normal Ella nursing bra comes in sizes from small to 2x, this new take on the classic lacy style is perfect for those with a D cup or fuller!

The Newest Option for Busty Moms

The Busty Ella bra is the best pick for moms looking for a nursing bra for large bust. This nursing bra comes with an adjustable band in the back as well as adjustable and convertible straps (meaning you can position the bra to have a straight or cross-back style). Both of these details are meant to give you full control over the fit of the nursing bra.

Additionally, there are beautiful hardware details that make this bra both stylish and functional! Instead of using plastic nursing clips that can be difficult to maneuver while breastfeeding, the Busty Ella comes with our patent-pending, 1-handed magnetic closures. These magnetic clips are silent and won’t break like plastic would!

Your Search for the Best Nursing Bra is Over!

As a busty mom, you know how important it is to find a supportive bra that still gives you all of the functionality needed to nurse your child. When it comes time to start your breastfeeding journey, make sure you grab the Busty Ella bra to make nursing an amazing experience for you and your baby.

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January 13, 2023

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