Having a comfortable and quality bra as a breastfeeding mom is a must… Especially if you are exclusively pumping! You need a bra that you know will keep everything secure and allow you to go about your day-to-day life as a busy mom. On top of that, you need a bra that will work with whichever pump you choose! Here are our top three bras/camis that not only meet all of these needs but go above and beyond.

The Amelia Cami

The Amelia Pumping and Nursing Cami is the most versatile breastfeeding bra you will find on the market. Although it can definitely be used for nursing mamas, this bra was specially designed as a hands free pumping bra for exclusive pumping!

There are a few aspects of this pumping bra that really make it stand out:

First of all, it’s designed to keep your flanges super secure. The bra has a second layer that you can pull down to “lock” everything into place. This is important for a hands free pumping bra because you need to feel confident that your flanges won’t slip or move out of place while pumping. That secure hold is needed to ensure your pumping experience is seamless!

Additionally, because it’s designed for exclusive pumpers, there are no nursing clips to deal with! While the bra is nursing-friendly (you can easily pull down the bra to nurse), the fact that it is geared towards exclusive pumpers makes annoying nursing clips unnecessary!

So, instead of nursing clips, this hands free pumping bra has an easy, one-handed slider so you can tighten or loosen the bra to fit your needs and keep flanges or collection cups in place!

The Amelia Tank

Our second favorite hands free pumping bra is the Amelia Tank. This unique bra includes all of the same functions as the Amelia Cami, except it is a full-length compression tank! This bra was designed specifically with busty mamas in mind, but you can definitely still size down if needed!

On top of that, one of the best parts about the Amelia Tank is that it can easily be layered, tucked into jeans, or simply worn around as a tank. It provides additional coverage and compression to give you additional support through your midsection.

Basically, it’s everything breastfeeding moms love about the Amelia hands free pumping bra, but in a new design!

Pumping Bra Vs Pumping Cami


If you are more of a traditional bra girl and looking for an exclusive pumping hands free bra, the Riley Pumping bra might be just what you are looking for! The Riley is fully lace front and back with a hidden flange slit right at the center of the cup. No fussy nursing clips to deal with, just our signature one handed strap sliders for adjusting! Keep the Riley on all day with no need to change in and out of a different bra for pumping. Beautiful enough to wear for date night, but the comfort you need for lounge! A must have for any pumping mom! 

Which Should I Choose?

Overall, it comes down to a personal preference between the Amelia Cami or Tank… and the Riley Pumping Bra. And you can’t go wrong with either of these 3!

In fact, all 3 bras/camis are compatible with every single pump on the market! Check out this reel to see how the Riley works!

No matter which style you choose, both Amelia options or the Riley are perfect for the exclusively-pumping mom. You deserve to have a bra that is not only comfortable but makes pumping so much easier!

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