As a new mom, the first few days (or weeks) are filled with newborn snuggles… And also plenty of trips to the bathroom! The last thing you want to worry about is your postpartum pad getting scrunched up, moving out of place, or simply the discomfort of living in a diaper like your newborn. If this sounds familiar (or like something you want to avoid), read on to learn more about the best postpartum underwear to wear after your vaginal delivery!

C-Section vs Vaginal Delivery Needs

We recently talked about why the new Mia boxer short is perfect for moms who have a c-section… Its high-waisted style to protect your scar from irritation is just one of the many reasons why it’s essential. 

However, planning for recovery after vaginal delivery is slightly different. The biggest difference is the need to keep huge postpartum pads and “padsicles” in place! The mesh postpartum underwear you typically get from the hospital is thin, way too stretchy, and tends to scrunch up when you move around… Honestly, it wasn’t made to be worn long-term!

That’s where the Mia Boxer Short comes in. This postpartum underwear option is not only better than the basic mesh underwear you get after birth, but it knocks all of the normal underwear options out, too! It features an extra-wide crotch gusset lined in cotton that will give you complete coverage. On top of that, these shorts were designed not to roll up and keep everything exactly where you want it to be during your recovery!


And if you had to get stitches after your delivery, the boxer shorts are still a great option! Typical underwear could put too much pressure on these sensitive areas after birth… But the boxer style of our new postpartum underwear allows you to heal comfortably.

Multi-Functional Postpartum Underwear

Not only is this the best recovery option for a c-section or vaginal delivery, but the Mia Boxer Short can also be used long before or after you give birth!

The same waistband that provides comfortable tummy compression after delivery is also stretchy enough to go around your belly during pregnancy. 

These are not your “typical” underwear… in fact, you could comfortably wear them around the house by themselves! The shorts are not see-through at all, so you could easily wear them as shorts during your recovery and beyond. Or, simply layer them under some comfy lounge pants so you can relax comfortably after your new baby arrives.

Lastly, this postpartum underwear option is different from the period underwear you may have used before. Unlike period underwear, the Mia Boxer Short is not self-absorbing… which means those huge maternity pads are still necessary. But don’t worry… the compression will keep them in place! This was done so you don’t have to worry about absorbent underwear causing infection after you give birth. Every aspect of these shorts was designed to ensure that you can have the most comfortable recovery period possible!

The Perfect Postpartum Option for New Moms

If you have a new little one on the way, you’ll want to grab a pair (or a few) of the new Mia Boxer Short. Not only will this help make your vaginal delivery recovery a smooth one, but the shorts can be worn long after your little one arrives.

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March 23, 2023

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