It's time to pack up those winter coats and get ready for summer weather! If you're a breastfeeding mom, there is one item that should definitely make it into your wardrobe this year. Read on to learn more about the best pumping crop top that you can wear all summer long!

The Multi-Functional Pumping Crop Top 

Whether you exclusively nurse, exclusively pump, or do a little bit of both, your wardrobe as a breastfeeding mom will look a little different from everyone else's. The Amelia Pumping and Nursing Cami is the solution, no matter what your journey looks like!

No need to deal with annoying clips, simply pull down to nurse your baby. For pumping moms, this pumping crop top has a top layer to pull up and crossover openings to keep your flanges in place.

But what makes this nursing and pumping crop top ideal for summer? It's made with a lightweight material to keep you cool all summer long!

Headed to the Pool?

If you're anything like me, spending time at the pool is a constant occurrence during the summer. But as a breastfeeding mom, it can be hard (or nearly impossible) to find a swimsuit that makes you feel good, is stylish, and allows you to nurse or pump with ease!

That's where the Amelia Swim Top comes in! Our line of swim tops comes in 5 different colors and designs that you can easily mix and match with your favorite pair of swim bottoms. You can have a different look every time you head to the pool!

Just like our original Amelia, the swim top takes all of the breastfeeding features and gives you a top you can wear at the pool, beach, while working out, or layered for a night out. This truly is a pumping crop top you can wear day or night!

Best Pumping Crop Top for Sleep

Of course, you need something comfortable to sleep in as well. This is the best nighttime pumping bra for those overnight sessions! Because of its lightweight fabric and design, you can sleep comfortably all night long. And if you're someone who tends to leak at night, our Paisley bra liner goes perfectly with the Amelia!

This pumping bra for night sessions is exactly what you need for those warm summer nights!

Get the Perfect Fit

If you're looking for a plus size pumping bra this summer, the Busty Amelia is exactly what you need! 

This plus size bra allows breastfeeding moms to find the perfect fit. It comes in sizes up to 2X! Although this is a tank style rather than a pumping crop top, it's made with the same lightweight fabric that makes it a must-have this summer!

Are You Ready For Summer?

Those hot summer months are quickly approaching! Make sure you are ready to tackle breastfeeding on the go, at the beach, or during your night out this summer by grabbing your favorite Amelia pumping crop top! Which style will you choose?

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May 22, 2023

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