Finding cute plus-size clothing is difficult… A comfortable and supportive plus size bra is even harder… But a plus size breastfeeding bra? Near impossible to find! Add to that the struggle of a bra that can work for both pumping and nursing and it’s enough to give any mom stress. Here are my top five recommendations for the best plus size breastfeeding bra on the market.

The Importance of a Good Bra

Whether you are nursing, pumping, or a combination of the two, having a high-quality bra can make all the difference. However, moms who have larger breasts to start with run into additional challenges. 

Besides the lack of options available, women with larger breasts need additional support. Thin fabrics should be avoided and good straps are needed to keep everything in the right place.

Take it from someone who has a larger chest and has breastfed three babies: I know and appreciate the struggle!

Plusmommy explains how finding the right breastfeeding position is more difficult with larger breasts. Having the best plus size breastfeeding bra can make finding the right position much easier and keep everything together!

Davin and Adley’s line of pumping and nursing bras are perfect for the plus-size mom who needs more support. We have sizes up to 2x and are always working on expanding our products. Additionally, our products tend to run “fuller” than other brands… meaning some plus size moms even end up sizing down to get the perfect fit!

1. The Sophie Bralette

The best plus size nursing bra available anywhere is the new Sophie Bralette. This maternity and nursing bra provides great support with a wide band and straps. On top of that, the interior panel also provides support while the exterior feels just like your favorite sports bra. As for its breastfeeding capability, the unique magnetic clasps make this clip-down bra so easy to use!

2. The Logan

The second best plus size nursing bra would have to be the Logan. This bra is recommended for anyone with a cup size A-E but can accommodate even fuller chests! It has widest straps of all 5 styles but with a cross-back feature to provide additional support. This bra has a longer body length and is a great choice for any nursing mom!

3. The Amelia

If you need the best plus size pumping bra, the Amelia is the way to go! This bra is perfect for pumping and nursing moms, as well as those who are doing a combination of the two. What I love about this choice for plus-size moms is how easily you can make those transitions throughout the day. Instead of having a separate bra for pumping and nursing, you can have one that does it all. 

Another unique feature of this breastfeeding bra is its crop cami length. It provides more coverage than your typical bra.

4. The Ella

Another option for the best plus size breastfeeding bra is the Ella. Not only does it give you the same support as any of the other bras on this list, but it also has a sexier look! One of the hardest things moms deal with postpartum is not feeling like themselves. This is a small way to dress yourself up and feel confident as a new mom!

5. The Autumn

Last but not least is the Autumn. This maternity, nursing, and pumping bra is perfect for the plus-size mom looking for additional coverage. The high neck keeps everything covered and reduces cleavage while still making it extremely easy to breastfeed

Finding the Best Plus Size Breastfeeding Bra

Having the best plus size breastfeeding bra is extremely important! These five options will allow you to breastfeed while still feeling comfortable and confident. On top of that, all of these options come in multiple colors so you can choose one that fits your personal style.

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September 12, 2022

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