One of the biggest issues new moms face during the postpartum period is leaking breastmilk… in fact, you may have dealt with this before your baby was even born! Luckily, nursing pads provide some relief… Unfortunately, there are very few options out there that actually work for moms! Read on to learn about your single use and reusable nursing pad options as a breastfeeding mom!

What Are My Nursing Pad Options?

According to Baby Centre, many breastfeeding moms leak in the mornings when their breasts are most full, during feeds (nursing or pumping on one breast and leaking on the other), and definitely at night when you aren’t breastfeeding as often.

So what are your options when it comes to clean, comfortable nursing pads?

You’ve probably seen the big boxes of disposable nursing pads in stores or online… And while these pads do offer some type of leak prevention, the cons completely outweigh the pros!

Breast pads

One of the biggest issues is their placement. You could meticulously attach the pad to the inside of your bra, only to have it in a completely different place a few hours later (or, maybe not even in your bra anymore!). On top of that, another big issue is their absorbency. While they take away some of the moisture, it doesn’t really get rid of it… which can lead to thrush and discomfort for you!

This is where a reusable nursing pad comes in handy! Reusable nursing pads are washable, meaning they can be used over and over again. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, they can also be cheaper in the long run. However, they still have two major disadvantages: typical reusable nursing pads don’t wick moisture well and don’t always stay in place!

reusable nursing pad

A Reusable Nursing Pad That Stands Above The Rest

This is where the reusable nursing pad liner from Davin and Adley comes in. As a breastfeeding mom, I saw the need for a reusable nursing pad that ticked all the boxes while also looking discreet and matching the natural curve of your breast shape. This nursing bra liner is literally one of a kind! Its patent-pending design allows you to get rid of your leaking worries and the discomfort of normal nursing pads. 

On top of that, we now offer a NEW option, perfect for light - medium leakers that want nipple coverage as well! Moms that need more absorbency can double up their current nursing pads with all the amazing features of the Paisley Nursing Bra Liner as a bonus!

All About the Paisley Reusable Nursing Pad

There are so many benefits to grabbing one of these reusable nursing pads! Here are just a few of the great features:

  • Moisture-wicking- it pulls moisture away from the breast and dries quickly
  •  Hypoallergenic, Antimicrobial, and Eco-friendly
  • Discreet- by curving to your breasts, this pad isn’t visible!
  • Saves you money- While a box of liners can range from $7-$20 and only lasts you a few weeks, the paisley liner is on sale for $13 per liner (save with extra discounts for buying in bundles)... and you can reuse them throughout this breastfeeding journey, and with any future children you have!
  • Machine washable- It gets softer with every wash, making it great for sensitive skin

A Reusable Nursing Pad For Every Breastfeeding Journey

No matter what your postpartum journey looks like, every mom deserves to feel comfortable while breastfeeding. You shouldn’t be dealing with the scratchy, wet feeling of typical paper nursing pads… Instead, get a nursing pad liner that you barely know is there.

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September 03, 2022

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