Looking for the best pumping bra for Medela breast pump? We've got you covered! Keep reading to find out our recommendation for the best bra to go with your pump from Medela!

Which Medela Pump Do You Have?

Before we jump into the perfect bra for Medela breast pump, it's important to discuss the many different types of pumps from this brand and how their differences may affect the bra you buy! For example, Medela has four main pumps: the PISA, Symphony, Sonata, and Freestyle Flex.

The Medela PISA (Pump In Style Advanced) pump is a typical choice for many moms, especially because most insurances will cover the cost! This is a small pump with moderate suction to make pumping simple for a busy mom.
The Symphony is a great hospital-grade rental option for moms who want to go that route. It includes options for single or double pumping and works with their various collection kits available.

The Sonata is a double-electric smart pump, meaning that it is not only a high-quality pump, but it also connects to the Medela app as well! It was inspired by the Symphony pump but includes those additional features to make pumping a breeze for moms.

Lastly, the Freestyle Flex is Medela's portable pump option so you can pump on the go. It's extremely small and includes a USB port for easy charging while you're out and about! We love the Flex Pump on the go with Mimiandpal’s Harper Portable Pump Bag! 

While these pumps all have different features and functions, the accessories you pair with them come in two basic styles. For example, you can get Medela flanges that are either circular and made of hard plastic (like your typical flange), or you can pair your pump with their Flex style. This is a plastic design wrapped in silicone for comfort and comes in more of an oval shape. Whichever option you choose will need to fit securely in place to ensure the best experience while pumping.

What is the Best Bra for Medela Breast Pump?

Once you've chosen the perfect pump to fit your lifestyle, you'll also need a pumping bra that makes everything during this postpartum period that much easier. That's where our top recommendation for the best bra for Medela breast pump comes in.

The Amelia bra checks all of the boxes when it comes to the Medela pump. For one thing, it can work with any style of flange or collection cup you choose, even something fully silicone like Lacteck! Something unique about Medela flanges and connectors is that they come in two pieces, unlike other brands like Spectra that are all one piece. The Amelia makes using a 2-piece flange easy by providing options to insert the flange from both the outside and inside of the bra.

Additionally, this bra was literally made for the Medela pumps! I personally used a Medela the first time I pumped and used its unique design when creating the Amelia cami

However, that's not to say that your only option for a great pumping experience is this particular style. All of the bras in our size-inclusive collection are compatible with the Medela pumps, so you can find a style and design that you love!

There are even busty options available such as the Busty Amelia Tank. This is a full-size compression tank that you can find in up to 3x sizes and provides additional structure throughout your midsection.

Which Bra do you Think is the Best Bra for Medela Breast Pump?

Overall, choosing the best bra for Medela breast pump during your postpartum journey is going to be entirely up to your personal preference! With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find a high-quality Davin and Adley bra to benefit your pumping journey.

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February 17, 2023

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