If pumping will be a part of your postpartum experience, you should definitely take advantage of getting a free breast pump through insurance. However, that doesn’t mean that you should skip out on the research! Many insurances provide multiple options for a free breast pump, so you will want to find one that works well and does exactly what you need.

Does the Breast Pump Through Insurance Fit Your Needs?

The number one factor in choosing a free breast pump through insurance is finding one that is reliable. Especially for moms who will be exclusively pumping or combo feeding, you need a pump that won’t give out on you after a short period of time!

You also need to be thinking about your needs.

  • Will you be moving around a lot? 
  • Do you prefer a cordless option or one that has to be plugged into the wall?
  • Do you want the option to switch between flanges and collection cups?

There are many pros and cons of collection cups and flanges, but really, it’s all about finding what works for you and your needs.

Check Out the Parts

It’s also important to do some research on the parts that come with your chosen free breast pump through insurance. For example, you want to find a pump that can work with various flanges. Many moms don’t realize that the size of the flange they need depends on their breast and nipple shape and size! This is extremely important in finding a flange that makes pumping comfortable.

The other thing to consider is how expensive replacement parts will be. Things like flanges, extra cups, tubing, etc. can really add up with some pumps! It’s recommended to replace the parts after 3-6 months of use, so you will definitely want to know what that will cost you.

Free breast pump

Do Your Research

The last thing to consider is the experiences that other people have had with the breast pump. Follow up on YouTube and Instagram to see what people think about the pump. Read plenty of reviews to get the whole story. 

But, also realize that pumps are not going to work the same for everyone. You want to learn as much as possible so you can make the best decision for yourself and give yourself as many options to choose from as you can.

My Choices for a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

I’ve used many different pumps. Some of them I’ve loved, but some of them haven’t been able to measure up.

I should have taken my own advice and done more research before getting the new Medela PISA. I picked this one because I thought it looked cute and small, which it is, but I ended up not liking it for suction and strength. 

However, I would definitely recommend both the Motif Luna as a primary pump and the Elvie for an on the go option.

The Motif Luna is my favorite plug-in option. It’s easy to use, has great suction and vibration, is quiet, and replacement parts are relatively cheap. Overall, a really quality breast pump.

Motif Luna Breastpump

On the other hand, if you are looking for a completely cordless option, I love the Elvie. This hands-free breast pump through insurance uses collection cups and allows you to move freely while pumping. It’s also Bluetooth compatible and controlled using a phone app. Overall, it can make pumping extremely easy!


When it comes to choosing a breast pump through insurance, it’s important to know what you are getting into. Do your research, lay out the pros and cons, and find a pump that fits what you need! And if you need a pumping bra to go with these pumps, check out the Davin and Adley Collection– we have various bras (including options for busty moms!) that will fit your personal style and preference!

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