The next best thing in the pumping world is silicone flanges. They provide many great benefits for breastfeeding moms and can make your pumping experience so much better! Keep reading to find out why silicone flanges and cups are a pumping must-have and learn about my favorite brands!

The Benefits of Silicone Flanges

Silicone flanges and collection cups can really add to your breastfeeding experience! Exclusive Pumping explains that the three biggest complaints when it comes to breast pump flanges are their size, shape, and material. The hard plastic not only makes pumping uncomfortable, but it can also make it harder to get the perfect fit!

On top of that, silicone flanges and cups can prevent your nipples from swelling while pumping. It is more gentle with the breast tissue making it a great choice for women with elastic tissue and sensitive breasts.

Obviously, it’s always a good idea to talk with a lactation consultant or IBCLC if you are struggling with pumping or breastfeeding… But if you’re finding that pumping is painful, using silicone flanges or cups while pumping may be what you need!

My Favorite Silicone Flanges and Collection Cups

I’ve tried a lot of different pumping brands and accessories, and these are by far my favorites! Find out what makes them stand out and why I use these brands over others.

1. Lacteck Flanges

These are my number one choice for a regular silicone flange. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but a lot of moms have said that they see an increase in their supply! They offer a great range of flange sizes (another perk for silicone flanges). These flanges aim to mimic a baby nursing, which overall can make your pumping experience much better!

2. PumpinPal

These flanges have a great range of uses because you can purchase a “set” with two different sizes as well as pump adapters. They are a great versatile choice that works with 8 different pumps. Another pro for these flanges is that they are slanted to provide less duct constriction (and make pumping more comfortable!).

3. Pumpables Inserts

The Pumpables liquid shield kit gives you everything you need to pump with ease… but the best part is the inserts! These inserts may need to be replaced more frequently, but I love the design and how the silicone can also massage and promote breast stimulation to increase milk flow.

A newer option to the market are the Bare shields. The edge of the shield flips black, similar to a Haakaa silicone breast pump, when applying to the breast. This helps the flange to stay suctioned on and remain in place when pumping. It's a very interesting design and comfortable against the skin. 
Open image in slideshow, BareShield

5. Legendairy Milk Collection Cups 

Whenever I use a mobile pump, my go-to is the Legendairy Milk Collection Cups with a mobile breast pump like Pumpables! These cups come with 24mm and 28mm breast shields, but you can also buy the silicone inserts if you need a different size. They also come with everything you need to collect milk on the go… and the silicone breast shields allow you to do so with ease!

6. MomCozy or Imani I2 Pump

I’m also a big fan of silicone collection cups with their own motor attached. The two most popular ones are from Mom cozy and Legendairy Milk. They are almost identical so you can’t go wrong with either option! They are interchangeable with each other but not collection cups by themselves. 

7. BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

Last but certainly not least on this list of silicone flanges and cups are these breast pump cushions. These are a great way to get the comfort of a silicone flange with your normal plastic flanges! Because these are inserts, you may need to increase your plastic flange size to account for the insert. Additionally, you will want to replace these parts frequently… Luckily, they have a great subscription option to save a little bit of money!

Make Your Breastfeeding Journey Even Better

Once you have all of the accessories to make your pumping experience more comfortable, make sure you grab a bra that can make it even better! The Amelia Cami is a great option for pumping moms because it works with normal (or silicone) flanges and wearable pumps. And if you use a form of combination feeding, you don’t have to worry about changing bras to nurse… the Cami can do that, too!

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January 26, 2024


Jumana said:

Hi, could you tell me what brand of pump is shown in picture three? I like the style of the flange that “balloons” at the bottom. It may work on my nipple style. Thank you!

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