Congratulations on your new little one! Each time you bring home a baby, you enter a new stage of learning, changing, and healing. In order to make this experience as easy as possible, you need to be prepared with the best care items available! That’s why Davin and Adley has a brand-new postpartum recovery product for you: postpartum underwear!

What is Postpartum Underwear?

Whether you have a C-section or vaginal delivery, postpartum underwear is essential as you transition back to normal life. Ideally, it should help you feel secure and comfortable during postpartum. 

As a new mom, I remember trying everything on the market to find something that would make my postpartum recovery easier. Yet every pair I tried was uncomfortable, too loose, or too tight in the wrong spots across my stomach (especially for those C-section mamas!). That’s why Davin and Adley decided to expand their line of breastfeeding essentials to include postpartum care as well!

What Makes This Product Different?

As a new mom, I ran into two main issues when looking for postpartum underwear: Either I had to buy normal underwear and size up (which meant I wasn’t getting any postpartum benefits), or the underwear wasn’t capable of keeping large postpartum pads in place or even having enough width to hold them!

So to start off, our postpartum underwear is made with high-quality fabrics, just like our bras! They won’t stretch out or get loose when wearing them. The soft compression hugs you where you need it! 

In addition, they are made in a unique shape to bring you the utmost comfort during your postpartum recovery process. The underwear are high-waisted and long-legged, similar to men’s boxer shorts. This means you get plenty of coverage and don’t have to stress about your postpartum pads slipping or bunching up!

These are not like any period underwear that you’ve bought before, either! Where period underwear can get hot and sweaty due to the fabrics used to keep everything in, our postpartum underwear is meant to be used with disposable pads. The last thing you need to worry about with your new baby is a sanitary issue down there! And thankfully, the bleeding doesn’t last forever! You won’t need to add disposable pads for long!

Lastly, we didn’t forget our C-section mamas! This is the best postpartum recovery option for c-section moms because of its high-waisted feature. We’ve made sure that this product will go over your scar rather than cause any irritation by sitting on top of it.

Plus, as a bonus, you can continue using this postpartum recovery product long after you are feeling more like yourself again! In fact, they are great to wear as lounge shorts to sleep in!

The Best Way to Prepare for Birth

Overall, postpartum underwear is a must-have for your hospital bag! If you want to see what other products we recommend bringing along, check out our blog post with our hospital bag essentials as well as this post with what to include on your baby registry for moms.

And if you’re looking for a comfortable bra to bring to the hospital, check out The Logan. This is the perfect bra whether you plan to breastfeed or not and can make your experience much more comfortable.

Our newly-released line of postpartum underwear is now available for purchase in packs of 1 or 2! Make sure you grab some today to prep for your postpartum recovery!
January 05, 2023

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