If you’re a nursing or pumping mama, I know you have given lactation cookies a thought since starting your breastfeeding journey. Do these sweet treats really work their magic, or are they just another tempting “fix” in the ever-expanding aisle of mom-focused products? Let’s separate fact from fiction for you, share my personal experiences as a breastfeeding mom of 3, along with some of the research that has gone into lactation boosting treats.
Lactation cookies by liquid gold goods.

What are Lactation Cookies For?

Lactation cookies, with their promise of boosting milk supply, have become a popular topic of conversation. There are so many brands out there offering a whole range of baked goods. It’s nearly impossible to go through your lactation journey without wondering, “Should I be eating these, or not?” Long story short: they're not miracle workers. The real intention behind these delightful bites is to provide lactating moms with a tasty snack infused with ingredients that are believed to support milk production. Not to fix your milk supply issues entirely. 
Tray of lactation cookies.

Do Lactation Cookies Work?

Research suggests that certain ingredients commonly found in lactation cookies may have lactogenic properties. There are two categories of these secret ingredients: herbal galactagogues and pharmaceutical galactagogues. Herbal galactagogues included ingredients like fenugreek, oats, flaxseed, or brewer’s yeast. Pharmaceutical galactagogues include domperidone and metoclopramide. However, the research is not abundant and evidence is inconclusive. While these ingredients can be beneficial for overall health, thinking of lactation cookies as a cure-all might set you up for disappointment. And even worse, occasionally moms can see a reverse side effect from fenugreek and have a reduction in their supply. The industry offers an endless array of lactation goodies – cookies, brownies, drinks, bars, breads, cereal, and more. But, here's the truth: while these treats can add extra calories and nutrients to your diet, they're not a standalone solution for low milk supply. They work best as supplements to a healthy breastfeeding routine, not on their own.
Triple Chocolate Lactation Cookies

Which Lactation Cookie Brand is Best?

Throughout my lactation journey, I’ve stumbled upon a few brands of lactation treats. My favorite has been Liquid Gold Goods lactation cookies and lactation loaves. These treats quickly became my favorite, offering an amazing tasting snack that I could look forward to while pumping or nursing. While using Liquid Gold Good, I did notice a little boost in milk production and always feeling full before pumping. As I pumped regularly, I would see about an extra ounce per session, while adding in these goodies to my diet. The key here is "extra" – they complimented my regular pumping efforts but I made sure to stick to my routine of frequent milk expression. So, if you're looking for a treat to enjoy during your pumping sessions, I can say from experience that Liquid Gold Goods products are worth a try!
Woman using a breast pump while wearing the Davin & Adley Amelia Cami

Do I Need Lactation Cookies? 

Every breastfeeding journey is unique. What works wonders for one mom might not have the same results for another. Lactation cookies are no different. You may see results and you may not. My best recommendation for you is to put on your favorite pumping bra and keep on pumping (or nursing!) Lactation cookies can be a great addition to your pantry but they are not a shortcut to increased milk supply. If you're facing challenges, seek guidance from a lactation consultant, tweak your pumping routine, and focus on overall health and hydration. It's the combination of these factors that contributes to a successful breastfeeding journey.
To all the moms out there, navigating the unpredictable journey of breastfeeding – you're doing an incredible job. While lactation cookies may not be the quick fix you’re looking for, they can certainly help! Follow @davinandadley on Instagram for more breastfeeding support, tips and tricks!




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