World Breastfeeding Week is here! I want to honor every feeding journey, no matter what it looks like for you. As my son’s second birthday is approaching, World Breastfeeding Week has an even more special place in my heart this time around. This week is a dedicated time to honor the beautiful bond of breastfeeding and celebrate our personal accomplishments! 

So why does World Breastfeeding Week matter to moms all around the world?

 woman breastfeeding her baby.

All About World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) was started in 1992, by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA). This annual event, celebrated from August 1st to August 7th focuses on a different theme each year. This year, the theme is all about enabling breastfeeding and making breastfeeding easier on working parents, and I absolutely love that! 


WBW serves as a platform to educate both new and experienced moms about the numerous benefits of breastfeeding. By understanding the science behind breastfeeding, from colostrum's immunity-boosting properties to the perfect blend of nutrients in breast milk, moms can make informed choices for their little ones.


World Breastfeeding Week highlights the health advantages of breastfeeding. For babies, it reduces the risk of infections, obesity, and certain chronic diseases later in life while simultaneously easing postpartum recovery, lowering the risk of postpartum depression and certain cancers for Mama. 

women using breast pumps to collect breastmilk.

Supporting Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it doesn't always come easily. As a 3rd time breastfeeding mama with 3 very different experiences, I can attest to that! There can be so many challenges that come with breastfeeding. From latch issues, to sore nipples, low milk supply to clogged ducts, being a lactating mom is really hard! Seeking support from lactation consultants, support groups, or online communities filled with other breastfeeding moms, can make a world of difference on this journey.


Another difficulty that so many moms face is nursing or pumping in public. The freedom to feed our babies in public is crucial for long term breastfeeding. While society has made progress in accepting public breastfeeding, some moms still feel uncomfortable and face criticism for doing it. This can be even harder for parents who choose to pump and can’t find a private place to set up. World Breastfeeding Week aims to embrace and normalize breastfeeding in all settings and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for mothers everywhere. 


And that’s where Davin & Adley comes in! We specifically make an entire collection of nursing and pumping bras for breastfeeding moms to easily pump or nurse on the go, and feel confident while doing it!  I hear from countless moms who have said their Davin & Adley bras have made a huge difference while out in public, in the work place and even at home. The Amelia cami is a game changer when it comes to quick and easy access to nurse and pump without fussing with clips and the Ella Bralette is amazing for extra coverage while nursing and quick release magnetic clasps. And let’s not forget, it’s STUNNING! 

woman using a breast pump and woman wearing a Davin & Adley Ella Bralette.

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

Throughout the years, I’ve found a few fun ways to bring more awareness to World Breastfeeding Week. One of my favorites is social media challenges. Share your breastfeeding journey, tips, or a heartwarming story using hashtags #WBW2023 and #howdoyoubreastfeed. The support from social media is amazing. 

World Breastfeeding Week is also the perfect time to treat yourself! You’ve been working hard and you deserve something special too. I recently treated myself to a breastmilk necklace from Mamma’s Liquid Love to celebrate 2 years of breastfeeding my 3rd baby and I could not be happier with my new bling! Really gorgeous pieces. If you haven’t shopped for new nursing and pumping bras for yourself recently, it’s a perfect time to get yourself my all time favorite, Amelia cami or Ella Bralette and be proud of all that you do to achieve those breastfeeding goals! 

woman wearing a Davin & Adley Amelia tank while pumping with a wearable breast pump.

During World Breastfeeding Week this year, let's acknowledge the strength and dedication it takes to breastfeed, pump, combo-feed, and nourish our little ones no matter what that looks like in your home. Whether you're a new mom or a seasoned pro, remember that you're not alone on this journey. This week is about coming together, sharing our experiences, and supporting one another through the incredible adventure of motherhood. Embrace the magic of the breastfeeding bond, and let your love nourish your little one like no other force can. Happy World Breastfeeding Week, amazing Mama! You've got this! 💕🤱 

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