Finding the best nursing and pumping bra is essential for a comfortable and successful breastfeeding journey. If you're using silicone flanges, you need a bra that offers the perfect fit and support. I got you Mama! Let’s talk about the game-changing world of silicone flanges, the different types available in the market, and why the Davin & Adley Amelia Cropped Cami stands out as the go-to choice for moms. 
silicone breast pump flange

Understanding Silicone Flanges

Silicone flanges have revolutionized the breast pumping experience for nursing moms. These soft and flexible options offer a gentle, comfortable fit and prevent nipple pain and discomfort during pumping sessions. Some moms love them and some moms end up hating them. I’m split on this decision! 

What Moms Love about Silicone Flanges:

Comfort: The soft and flexible material of silicone flanges ensures a more comfortable pumping experience, especially during prolonged use.
Custom Fit: Silicone flanges conform to your breast shape, providing a snug and personalized fit and therefore maximizing milk expression.
Hygienic: Silicone is easy to clean and maintain, making it a hygienic option for breastfeeding moms.

What are the Downsides of Silicone Flanges?

Cost: Silicone flanges can be more expensive than traditional plastic ones, but for some, the comfort level justifies the investment.
Durability: Silicone flanges are designed to last, however they may require replacement more frequently than traditional flanges. This is especially true with daily heavy use.
Compatibility: Unfortunately, some moms just don’t respond to the soft silicone and need to go back to hard plastic. Once you buy them, there isn’t much you can do.
silicone flanges

What are the Different Types of Silicone Flanges?

(These have been my personal favorite!)
Lactek silicone flanges have gained popularity among pumping moms for their exceptional comfort and gentle pumping experience. Their soft, hypoallergenic material is perfect for moms with sensitive skin. Just make sure you order the correct size. I had to order exactly the size I measured my nipple at, and not size up. If you don’t have a nipple ruler, make sure to get one. My favorite is the boob ruler from Bemybreastfriend!
nipple ruler
Pumpin' Pals silicone flanges feature an angled design, allowing moms to lean back comfortably while pumping. This unique design helps reduce strain on your neck and back during those extended pumping sessions. It’s also the natural direction of your breast! 
The Haakaa silicone milk catcher isn't your traditional primary pump flange, but it's a favorite among breastfeeding moms for its hands-free convenience. It suctions onto your breast, catching let-down milk from one breast while nursing or pumping on the other side.
Idaho Jones flanges are known for their contoured shape, providing a snug and secure fit, while also being compatible with various breast pump models.
woman holding a silicone breast pump
I just got my own set of The Bare Motherhood shields! They are designed to provide an extra layer of cushioning and comfort during pumping. The flange suctions onto your breast instead of hanging or sitting there holding it. Plus, it’s compatible with all of your favorite pumping systems. I pair mine with Maymom Spectra connectors and it works beautifully. Super cool design, but make sure to also size yourself with those nipple rulers! I sizes down from my standard plastic flange size. 
Pumpables liquid shields are a combination of traditional flanges and soft liquid silicone inserts that provide gentle cushioning. They are an excellent option for moms with particularly sensitive breasts. This is probably the most comfortable flange I have ever tried. I also recommend using their fit support to get the right size. 

Wearable Breast Pumps with Silicone flanges

Don’t think that silicone flanges means you have to use traditional flanges only. Another option that has recently hit the market are wearable breast pumps with a silicone flange. This is amazing so you get the best of both worlds. A discreet pump with the comfort of silicone. Some of the most commonly known options are the Momcozy pumps, Imani I2  or the Legendairy milk collection cups and Zomee fit.
woman using a wearable breast pump

What is the best pumping bra for silicone flanges?

The Davin & Adley Amelia Cropped Cami is going to be your silicone flange bestie. I know that finding the right bra to hold any type of flange can be hard. With silicone flanges, it can be even more difficult. That’s why the Amelia Cropped Cami is a top choice for modern moms using silicone flanges. 
three women wearing Davin & Adley pumping and nursing camis
The Amelia Cropped Cami features a built-in bra with slits that are specifically designed to hold flanges securely in place, allowing you to pump with confidence and ease. All of the Amelia styles offer wire-free support. Say goodbye to uncomfortable underwires without sacrificing comfort and support. It’s ideal for daily wear and extended pumping sessions, including those middle of the night pumps!
woman using a breast pump
The Amelia is also super versatile. The Cropped Cami, swim cami, and full-length tank are all modern and stylish. They’re perfect for everyday wear or as part of your activewear ensemble.
The adjustable straps are revolutionary with the one handed strap sliders. Not only are they made for easy nursing access, they also ensure a customizable fit and can accommodate for changes in breast size throughout your breastfeeding journey.
And if you were wondering, the Amelia Cami and tank are compatible with both flanges and wearable pumps, so you can switch back and forth all day long. 
two women using breast pumps
woman using a breast pump
Discover a new way to pump comfortably with silicone flanges and Davin & Adley Amelia. It’s seriously the best bra for silicone flanges. Its comfort, support, and stylish design will make your pumping sessions a breeze, while the variety of silicone flange options will cater to your unique needs. Mama, you deserve the best, and this winning combination will surely make your breastfeeding journey a delightful and memorable one. Happy pumping!

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