If you haven't heard about the Davin & Adley one-piece nursing bra liners, you must read on mama!!!! They are one-of-a-kind and will hands down improve your breastfeeding experience. And now is the time to try them out during our
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If you have ever worn traditional nursing pads, chances are you have dealt with the uncomfortable disposable paper or thick and bulky circles showing through your shirt. And nothing can top a breastmilk leak when your pad is no where to be found inside your bra! As a fellow breastfeeding mama of 4 years and counting, I knew we all needed something better...
  • Thinner and more absorbent leak protection.
  • Eliminate the embarrassing rings around our boobs.
  • Design a pad that would stay in place.
  • Make life easier without having to find a pair of pads.
  • Stop smelling like stale breastmilk!



After a year of research and development, we are proud to introduce you to Paisley, the first ever one piece nursing bra liner to replace individual nursing pads. Our Patent Pending design fully replaces traditional nursing pads and you won't ever go back! 

Available in single, double or 7-day packs! Black or Natural!

It's easy to just slide inside any nursing bra or regular bra and rest assured that you won't have to go looking for it. Pop one side out to nurse and slide right back into place or fully remove to pump. The center connection keeps the pad right where you need it to be. 


The fabric for our liners is made with advanced technology to not only absorb breastmilk leaks, but the fabric also wicks away moisture and sweat so you won't feel cold and damp. As an added bonus, our liners are hypoallergenic with an antimicrobial finish - eliminating odors and reducing you risk of nipple infections. Can your standard nursing pads do all of this??

If we haven't already peaked your interest, you will also love that our liners come in 3 unique sizes to fit your breast size and shape. Use our fit guide to find the size right for you! Need help with sizing? Reach out to us at support@davinandadley.com 




What is she saying about our liners?

"When I heard about these nursing liners, total game changer! When I wore this liner, let me tell you! When I leaked, you couldn't tell it was wet. AMAZING!"

"I can use it with my regular bras and nursing bras without creases or lumps! Now I just slide it into my bra and I am good to go! Yay! Thank you Davin&Adley!"

"WOW, what a game changer. They fit great and no leakage, which is always the #1 thing we worry about, for us moms who breastfeed. Sad I didn't know about these with my first and second baby, but love that I can use it with my third."

"I'm genuinely pissed off that I didn't know about this product sooner!! This thing is genius."

"OBSESSED with Paisley! No glue means no residue on the inside of your bras, suuuuper comfortable, I even forgot I was wearing it and no funky circle of traditional pads showing through your clothes! This is a MUST for any leaky mama!!!"


 January is now the time to save big with our BOGO event of the year! 

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