An honest review by Kristen @bemybreastfriend
Nursing pads are pretty typical; they’re round, they come in pairs and they leave an ugly outline visible through your bra. ⠀
Until now, this DAVIN & ADLEY nursing pad is the complete opposite. It’s one pad that covers both breasts and it contours smoothly under your bra- leaving no unattractive rings around your nipples.
Recently postpartum I find I’m leaking most during the nighttime while I extend my pump sessions. This extra leaking has left me with spoiled and stinky bras, which means I need to change them more often. Now after using the DAVIN & ADLEY nursing pad at night I’m not waking soaked and uncomfortable. I’m also getting an extra day out of my pumping bras.⠀
After receiving this nursing pad my first impression was, “Wow this is so thin, no more nipples rings!” Between working from home and maternity leave I haven’t had the need to wear this pad under work attire just yet. But the proof is under the bra- there are no noticeable rings circling my nipples. So once I go back to the office I won’t be walking the halls hoping no one notices my painfully obvious nursing pads. ⠀
How absorbent are they? ⠀
I can’t estimate how much I leak during the night but I did pour 2 ounces of water into the pad and all was absorbed. If the pad can absorb 2 ounces of water, I think it’s safe to say this pad can absorb any of our leaky boobs!⠀
Hands down this DAVIN & ADLEY nursing pad is a great design. It’s thin enough to be discrete under any bra and is super absorbent. If you’re looking to ditch your nipple saucers this pad is your perfect replacement. ⠀
July 11, 2020

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