Buying gifts for a new baby is really fun, but don’t forget to spoil the mom-to-be! If you know a soon-to-be breastfeeding mom, here are my top 5 gift recommendations to make their lives much easier when the baby arrives.

1. Breastmilk Storage

Pumping moms will need a lot of breastmilk storage options. This is a great (and fairly inexpensive) option that can make the life of a soon-to-be breastfeeding mom much easier!

You have a few options for breastmilk storage. First of all, there are disposable bags that you can fill, label, and throw away after use. My favorite plastic options are Lansinoh and Target’s Up&Up brand.

Or, if you want a reusable option, I would highly recommend Junobie milk bags! Unlike disposable bags, these milk storage bags can stand upright and are dishwasher-safe. They are great for on-the-go pumping or to use at home!

2. Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothing

A new breastfeeding mom will basically need a new wardrobe… or at least, a few pieces that make nursing and pumping easy to do in public. Here are my favorite clothing brands for breastfeeding:


Boose has scrub options as well as a breastfeeding-friendly dress that I love! 


Another company that makes comfy and cute breastfeeding dresses is MLM. They have a few different styles to choose from to match any occasion.

Of an Origin

For everyday breastfeeding clothing, I have been loving Of an Origin. They have a variety of shirts, tank tops, and joggers to make postpartum comfortable without losing style.

3. Postpartum Care

After their new baby arrives, a breastfeeding mom has a lot to deal with. Having the right items postpartum can make this new time much easier!

For example, breast pads are definitely a necessity when their milk comes in. Rather than getting a pack of disposable pads that can’t stay in place, grab the mom-to-be a Paisley Bra Liner. These unique bra pads are reusable, quick-drying, and thin enough to not be seen under clothing. On top of that, they can actually stay in place!

Another postpartum care item a breastfeeding mom will need is nipple ointment. I love Earth Mama’s organic nipple butter because it is lanolin-free and can help soothe sore nipples.

A lactation massager is another great option to help with milk flow and prevent clogged ducts. The LaVie lactation massager can make pumping and nursing much easier for new moms!

4. Pump Bag and Organizers

If the soon-to-be breastfeeding mom is planning on pumping, having a high-quality pumping bag and organizers is helpful to keep everything in one place.

For a mini diaper bag or breast pump bag for your small mobile pumps, I am a HUGE fan of my Mimiandpal Harper Pump Bag.

One Pumped Mama has a gorgeous larger pump bag to carry all of your supplies in. On top of that, it has a unique breast pump pouch so you can continue using the bag when you are no longer breastfeeding!

Another product that I love is their pumping caddy. This is a great option for moving pump supplies around the house easily.

Finally, I also love Be My Breastfriend’s accessory bag to keep all of your pumping supplies in one place. Bonus - it’s covered in boobs for a fun conversational piece with other breastfeeding moms!

5. Pumping and Nursing Bras

Last but certainly not least is Davin and Adley’s line of pumping and nursing bras. These products are perfect for a new breastfeeding mom, no matter what her breastfeeding journey looks like!

Our unique design makes these bras multifunctional, meaning they can be used for whatever combination of nursing and pumping a mom chooses. There are many different styles to choose from to fit every mom’s personality. 

If this is their first time getting a Davin and Adley product, I would highly recommend the Amelia. This is a great bra that can be used with different pumps (both traditional and mobile) as well as for nursing.

Not sure what size the mom-to-be needs? You can also get them a gift card so they can pick out the perfect bra!

BONUS: 6- Postpartum Underwear

This one was too good not to add to this list of breastfeeding gift ideas! Unlike many of the postpartum underwear options on the market, our Mia Boxer Short is long-legged and high-waisted. It's the perfect gift for a new mom because it will make her postpartum journey much more comfortable... whether she has a vaginal delivery or a C-section!

These boxer shorts were designed to keep bulky pads in place and reduce infection by not holding moisture. Say goodbye to hospital mesh underwear and grab a new mom in your life this great alternative!

Treat a Soon-To-Be Breastfeeding Mom With These Gift Ideas

You can’t go wrong with any of the items on this list! Let a new mom know that you are thinking about her by picking up one of these items and make her postpartum journey much more comfortable.

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September 20, 2022

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