There are many challenges that come with breastfeeding. Whether nursing or pumping, finding the perfect pumping bra and nursing bra shouldn’t be one of them. No matter your size or shape, you deserve to have the best hands-free pumping and nursing bras out there. There are so many things on your plate in this season of life, Mama. As a breastfeeding mom of 3 myself, I get it! Navigating the world of plus-size bras is beyond challenging, so finding a plus size nursing and pumping bra might seem impossible for you right now! Follow my below 5 tips for finding the best pumping and nursing bras for plus-size moms.
two photos of a woman modeling a davin & adley Amelia nursing and pumping cami

1: Measure! The perfect pumping bra needs the perfect fit

The first step in finding the perfect plus-size pumping bra is to get your measurements right. Just like with regular bras, sizing can vary between brands and each company uses their own unique size range. You will want to have accurate measurements to find your best fit. First, measure your band size. This is the measurement where your bra band usually sits right under your breasts. Then measure your bust at its largest point, the center of your chest. Remember that your breast size can fluctuate during pregnancy and postpartum, so it's a good idea to re-measure regularly. If you are still expecting, your breasts may grow an additional cup size with your milk, so don’t pull too tight! Once you know your size, you can start the search for a brand that tailors their designs to exactly the plus size pumping bra you are looking for. 
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2: Look for Adjustable Pumping Bras and Pumping Camis

A good pumping bra or pumping cami should be able accommodate your changing body from pregnancy through postpartum and your pumping needs. Look for bras with adjustable straps that won’t dig into your shoulders. Comfort is key during the 4th trimester and your pumping bra shouldn’t be an exception - even as your body changes throughout your breastfeeding journey. If your rib cage has widened, you may want to also look for adjustable bra bands like the Busty Ella Bralette, Riley Bralette or an easy fitting pumping cami like the Amelia Pumping & Nursing Crop Cami that comfortably stretches for a variety of sizes. 
woman modeling a Davin & Adley Ella bralette
two women modeling Davin & Adley nursing and pumping tanks

3: Finding Comfortable and Supportive Pumping Bras

Comfort and support are non-negotiable when it comes to a pumping bra. You deserve a pumping bra that’s so comfortable, you never want to take it off! This is why plus-size pumping bras like the Davin & Adley Amelia Camis and Amelia Tanks are designed with buttery soft materials that gently hug your curves without digging into your skin. Plus, the built-in support and overlapping flange slits ensure that you have the necessary stability for a successful pumping session and nipple coverage for immediately after!
two women using wearable breast pumps and wearing Davin & Adley bras

4: Pumping Bras for Easy Pumping Sessions

Convenience is key when you're pumping, especially if you're doing it at work or on the go. Look for pumping bras with easy-to-use access. Fumbling with changing your clothes and using a pumping bra with zippers and hooks will slow down the process and likely add stress to your pump session. My absolute favorite is Davin & Adley Amelia Cami, which features discreet openings for hassle-free pumping and pull-down access for wearable pumps or nursing. The best part - you wear all day under your clothing and simply LIFT UP when it’s time to pump! These bras allow you to multitask and pump hands-free, whether you're working, reading, snuggling with your little ones, or simply relaxing during your pumping session.
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5: Pumping Bras for Every Breastfeeding Journey

Your pumping routine and needs may differ from other moms, so it's essential to choose a bra that aligns with your specific situation. Are you exclusively pumping? Do you need a hands-free pumping bra? Some plus-size pumping bras, like the Amelia Camis, offer versatility, allowing you to pump with many different kinds of pumps. Whether you’re pumping with flanges, wearables, manual pumps, or combo feeding, the Amelia Cami is the ultimate do-it-all pumping and nursing bra. What’s even more important is that it’s super size inclusive with a range of small through 3X! 
Shopping for a plus-size pumping bra doesn’t have to be a chore. Remember to measure accurately, prioritize comfort and support, look for versatility, and consider your specific pumping needs. Don’t forget to check out the Davin & Adley Amelia Camis. They’re designed with the needs of every mom in mind, offering comfort, support, and convenience for all your pumping sessions. With the right bra, you can confidently navigate your breastfeeding and pumping journey, no matter where it takes you.
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