As a mom, I understand that a good night's sleep with hassle-free pumping and nursing sessions are priceless treasures during your breastfeeding journey. I’ve nursed and pumped for 3 babies and those middle of the night sessions never get easier. It’s critical to find something both comfortable and functional to get you through the night. When you’re in a dark room with a sleeping newborn, a snoring husband, and tiny pump parts, the last thing you need to deal with is a tricky bra setup. As both a lingerie designer and a breastfeeding mom, I’m going to share with you the most important features to look for when shopping for nursing and pumping bras to sleep in. 

Two women wearing pumping and nursing tops

Comfortable Nursing and Pumping Bras to Sleep In

When it comes to sleep, comfort is non-negotiable. Postpartum skin is sensitive and easily irritated. You want to have something buttery soft against the skin with no irritating hooks or clips and most definitely no sharp edges. The fabric you select should be supportive without being restrictive. Any unnecessary pressure on the milk ducts could lead to breast infections such as Mastitis. It’s just not worth it. Get something comfortable and meant for mamas.

My top picks for comfort are hands down,  The Davin & Adley Amelia Cami and Tanks. Both the modern crop cami and full length tank are designed with comfort in mind. Instead of your traditional nursing bra, these are a blend of bras/camis and offer a comfortable fit with light compression, without any uncomfortable edges. They’re basically a second-skin so your cami will make for an easy overnight pump or nursing session. Since there aren’t any wires or pesky clips, you’ll be ready to effortlessly feed and get back to sleep quickly (unless that cute little one has other plans). Plus, the comfy fabric gently hugs your body, ensuring you have one less thing to worry about throughout the night. I legit never want to take mine off. 

woman laying down while breastfeeding a young baby

Nursing Bras Without Padding and no wire

Support is essential, even during sleep, but you do NOT want to deal with bulky bras that restrict movement and milk flow! Support doesn’t only come in the form of pads and wires. Bralettes and camis are the future of the bra world, especially for Maternity and Nursing. Support can be added with proper fit, quality elastics and elevated bra construction. Breast change in the first few weeks of postpartum is to be expected. A supportive yet unrestrictive bra is absolutely necessary. With just the right amount of support, bralettes and camis will ensure your breasts are gently cradled, reducing the risk of discomfort and help minimize breastmilk leaks. 

I still highly recommend  The Davin & Adley Amelia Cami and Tanks for the best wire free and non padded nursing and pumping bra option. You can also add a one-piece Paisley liner to add nipple coverage, control leaks, keep the sheets dry, and prevent your pads from moving around throughout the night. 

woman using a breast pump

Middle of the Night Pumping Must Haves

When you're half-asleep, and attempting to navigate feeding or pumping without the bright lights, take no chances on spilling all your hard earned liquid gold. You need a quick and easy pumping bra setup that is not only fast, it’s SECURE! The Davin & Adley Amelia Camis and Tanks that we love so much have a 5-star rating for flange hold and security when pumping. And if you are worried about compatibility, the overlapping flange slits hold any type of flange you may have. I’ve personally used silicone flanges, hard plastic flanges, and even large mouth flanges like the Pumpables Liquid Shield kit. It works with everything. Blending comfort and functionality are your ultimate allies in this scenario and it’s 100% my go to. 

two women wearing nursing and pumping tank tops. One of them is also holding a baby.

Combination Nursing and Pumping

So you pump during the day, but what if you don’t pump overnight? Some moms choose to nurse instead. This would be described as combo feeding. Any variation of nursing and pumping at different times in the day is a way to combo feed your baby. No mom wants to be changing from a nursing bra to a pumping only bra at different times of the day. That is a thing of the past! Do yourself a favor mama and get yourself a combo nursing and pumping bra. The Davin & Adley Amelia Camis and Tanks have front strap sliders, allowing you to switch from pumping just before bed to nursing overnight without changing your bra at all. Say goodbye to fumbling with clips or hooks and hello to stress-free sessions that let you get back to sleep faster than ever.

woman demonstrating how to use a pumping tank top

When it comes to finding the perfect pumping bra to sleep in, the blend of comfort, support, and convenience are a must-have for both new moms and experienced ones like myself. No more compromising on sleep quality or struggling through middle-of-the-night pumping sessions. With the right bras, you can get a comfortable night's sleep while seamlessly navigating your breastfeeding journey, even in the wee hours of the morning. If you've been on the lookout for pumping bras or nursing bras that provide optimal support, comfort, and easy access for middle-of-the-night feeds or pump sessions, look no further. Check out my #1 recommendation, the Amelia Cami and Tank by Davin and Adley. You won’t be sorry! 

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