As a mom navigating the challenges of breastfeeding, one thing I've learned is that a reliable set of nursing pads is an absolute must-have. There are so many options out there and it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit. I got you, Mama! The Paisley Nursing Pads are a true game-changer and I strongly believe that every mom needs them. These super-absorbent pads are an unbeatable solution for heavy leakers like myself. The one-piece design ensures they stay in place without any annoying shifting. Plus, with three different sizes available, the customizable fit adds an extra layer of comfort and support.

Woman wearing a pink Davin & Adley Pumping and Nursing cami with Paisley bra liners

Finally, Nursing Pads that Won’t Move!

Gone are the days of fidgeting with your nursing pads throughout the day! The Paisley Nursing Pads feature a one-piece design that ensures they stay securely in place within your nursing bra or cami. Unlike traditional two-piece pads that may move around, causing discomfort and potential leakage, these pads stay put no matter how active your day may be. You’ll have one less thing to worry about when chasing after a toddler or heading to a meeting at work.  

Woman showing a black nursing pad inside of her bra.

Leak Proof Nursing Pads - A Must-Have for Heavy Leakers

Dealing with heavy leakage can be both frustrating and embarrassing. The Paisley Nursing Pads have you covered (Pun definitely intended). Their super absorbent core can handle a substantial amount of milk, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. Say goodbye to those awkward moments of leaking through your clothing and leave those spare clothes in the car for when you really need them. 

One piece nursing pads laying on a table.

Comfortable & Customizable Nursing Pads

Comfort is essential during any postpartum journey, and I understand that perfectly. With three different sizes available, the Paisley nursing pads provide a customizable fit that ensures maximum comfort and support. No more dealing with too small or too large pads that cause discomfort and irritation. The soft, breathable material embraces your body gently, making these nursing pads feel like a second skin. As a busy mom, I appreciate how the customizable fit eliminates the worry of constantly adjusting my nursing pads, allowing me to focus on what truly matters – bonding with my little one. Plus, they literally fit into any bra, including bras like the Amelia Cami that don’t have any cup separation. 

Woman showing off a one piece nursing pad

Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective Nursing Pads

The Paisley Nursing Pads are completely reusable and eco-friendly. Reduce waste and save money with these innovative nursing pads. They’re incredibly easy to clean, and they’re durable enough to withstand frequent washings without losing their shape or effectiveness. It's a win-win for both the environment and your budget!

In my journey as a breastfeeding mom, I've tried so many nursing pads. I never found any that checked all the boxes so I had to create the Paisley Nursing Pads. From the one-piece design, and customizable fit, to their supreme absorbency and cost-effective nature, they’re a must-have.

A pile of reusable and disposable nursing pads next to a one piece nursing pad.

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Whether you're a new or experienced mom, looking for nursing pads that can handle heavy leakage while providing ultimate comfort, I highly recommend giving the Paisley Nursing Pads a try. Embrace the freedom, stay dry, and savor every moment of the breastfeeding experience with these fantastic pads.

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