If you are reading this, chances are you are either pregnant or a new mom and struggling with your currently bra situation. I get it, the options aren't great and your body is changing weekly. You might be feeling all sorts of frustration right now, but I assure you there is a solution! I am a mom of 3 boys and have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 9 years. I've changed bra sizes countless times, gained anywhere from 30-50 lbs since before having babies, and I clearly have not stayed the same bra size either. As an experienced mama, and an intimates bra designer as well, let me dive in and answer all of your questions on what nursing and pumping bras to buy and which ones to avoid...


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What is the difference between a nursing bra and a pumping bra?

 A nursing bra's main use is to expose the breast easily for nursing the baby. Most nursing bras are only for nursing at the breast. They are great to be worn as Maternity bras, but not necessarily useful for pumping. A lot of nursing bras on the market are thin seamless fabric and don't have the best bra cup support, especially not for use with heavy wearable breast pumps. If you buy a pumping only bra, that means it's a bra mainly used for pumping and not something to be worn all day as a traditional bra. Most pumping only bras have some type of adjustable feature to fit many sizes, not bra specific to your size. These types of pumping bras are pretty uncomfortable and can only be worn during pump sessions. The major downside is having to change in and out of your bra to pump multiple times a day. 


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Why should I buy a nursing and pumping bra?

If you purchase a pumping and nursing combo bra, this will save you both time and money! Combo nursing and pumping bras are designed to swap back and forth if you do both, nursing at the breast and pumping breastmilk for your baby. Nursing and pumping combo bras are able to be worn all day as your daily bra and easily transition when it's time to pump. Remember, because these bras do both, they tend to be a little more expensive than nursing only, but well worth the cost. My all time favorite nursing and pumping bra is the Amelia Bralette or Amelia Crop Cami. Hands down the most comfortable bra I have put on my body and will never stop wearing even after I wean from breastfeeding. 


Riley Pumping & Nursing Bralette Bundle - 2 pack BRA Davin & Adley


How to size myself for a nursing and pumping bra?

Do not just take a wild guess! Your pre pregnancy size is not your postpartum bra size! Every brand runs differently so I encourage you to get a tape measure and MEASURE!! This will save you the headache from having to return and exchange multiple times. The most common mistake that happens is a mom not realizing how large her cup size has increased with her breast milk. 1-2 cup sizes during pregnancy is typical PLUS another cup size when breastfeeding. I surveyed thousands of moms and 75% of them agreed they increased around 2+ cup sizes from pre pregnancy. You want to allow room for your new boobs mama, so make sure to measure and if you need busty cup sizes, select a style that has busty nursing and pumping bra sizes available. 



Nursing and Pumping Bra Measuring Advice and Fit Guide:

When measuring with a flexible tape measure, you need to find 2 measurements. Your fullest bust and your underbust.

1. Grab a flexible tape measure

2. Start by wearing a thin bra or fitted tank. Not a padded bra.

3. Take the tape measure around your body at the fullest part of your chest in inches. Record that number.

4. Take the tape measure around your underbust, the area below your chest where the bra band would sit. Record that number. Remember, your underbust in inches is not the same as your bra band size. 34" is very different than a 34 band.

5. Take those 2 measurements and enter them into our BRA SIZE CALCULATOR AND FIT GUIDE, and we will help you determine the right nursing and pumping bra size for you. 


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Do I need to size up my pumping bra for wearable breast pumps?

A well fitting pumping bra will be designed correctly so you do NOT have to size up. In my top favorite pumping bra for wearable breast pumps, the Amelia Cami, the fabric is designed to accommodate a pump as large as the Willow 3.0 breast pump or as slim as the Elvie Wearable Breast pump. Make sure you follow the fit guide for your measurements and if your chest is on the edge between sizes, reach out for a free nursing and pumping bra sizing consultation at support@davinandadley.com


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Why should I not wear underwire nursing bras? 

Let's start off with the fact that underwire bras are very size specific and very restricting. Both things that are a no go for breastfeeding moms. You will change bra size by the hour. There is no way for 1 underwire bra size to appropriately fit you in the morning and all throughout the day. What happens when an underwire bra does not fit you correctly? CLOGS AND MASTISTIS. 

These are the 2 of the worst things you can say to a breastfeeding mom, which is reason enough to leave the underwires behind. An ill fitting underwire nursing bra is going to put pressure on your milk ducts if not the proper size and cause trauma to the breast. I 100% recommend going with a supportive nursing bralette or cami style nursing bra. It's just not worth the risk and a proper fitting bralette can give the girls both support and comfort! 



What is different between a $15 nursing bra and a $50 nursing bra?

In the world of nursing and pumping bras, quality is what you are looking for, and at the end of the day cheap is cheap. A $15 amazon exclusive nursing bra is going to perform like a cheap $15 bra. Most likely it will only last you a few months and won't be very special. Be prepared to replace them often and toss them in the garbage after your breastfeeding days are over. If you are looking for something that will last you many years and multiple breastfeeding journeys + is a combo nursing and pumping bra, shop an online brand that specializes in quality Maternity, Nursing and Pumping Bras and has quick shipping! You will end up spending less because you purchased quality, and can keep wearing them beyond your breastfeeding days. 


Still have tons of questions that need answering? I am here to help! Send me an email at support@davinandadley.com and I will personally get back to you on any of your nursing and pumping bra needs! 

June 14, 2024

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