After 3 years of breastfeeding and counting, I used my personal motherhood experience with my design background to change nursing pads for the better. A thinner more absorbent fabric that is actually leak proof. Something soft on sore sensitive skin without clinging to nipples. A design that would stay locked in place and be easy for moms of all shapes and sizes. A high quality reusable product that is easy to wash and dry.


I connected with Em through a community of breastfeeding moms via Facebook Exclusively Breastfeeding Mommies. I was giving away free product to help spread the word about the new business, DAVIN&ADLEY. Em commented with a powerful story we couldn't help but be immediately inspired by.

“I have Reynaud's Syndrome of the breast which makes my blood vessels randomly constrict and hurt. I have to keep my breasts covered/warm as much as possible. Even ten seconds of air exposure post-breastfeeding can cause really intense pain... The single piece construction of this would make it where I could hold the piece up with my left hand/forearm while strategically putting on my bra with my right! Instead of having to fuss with multiple pads!!! I would love to try this out and see if it relieves some pain. This could be a game-changer for my condition.”

It was in this moment that I realized the product I’ve been working on is truly important to the world. I have the ability to support breastfeeding moms during their postpartum journey and be the change moms like Em need. After a few weeks of product testing we heard back from Em...



"The Davin&Adley nursing pad has made covering up so much faster and easier! Now I do not have to fuss with finding two pads, which was a constant struggle when using individual washable pads. For a while I tried using disposables and between taking off the plastic package they come in, taking off the backing labels, and sticking one inside of each cup without it bunching up almost always led to cold air exposure... which lead to vasospasms."




"Additionally, my child is a light sleeper which meant opening the disposable plastic packaging in the same room would often wake her up. It is not a very loud sound, but we all know babies have supersonic hearing when they do not want to sleep! I am so glad I have found this product because I only have to find one, it is easy to wash, obviously silent for my light sleeper, and I can use it with my regular bras and nursing bras without creases or lumps! Now I just slide it into my bra and I am good to go! Yay! Thank you Davin&Adley!"
 ❤️ Em”

Women are unstoppable. If you can dream it, do it. I’m dedicated to building this brand, my true passion. Amazing products with a community to inspire, share, and support each other through the incredible journey of motherhood. 

If we could already help this new mom overcome her struggles, it makes us believe in the all the impossible becoming possible.


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